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Panna cotta is such an easy and elegant make-ahead dessert for any special occasion, from Christmas dinner to the Fourth of July! Serve with a quick fruit sauce and summer berries.

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Sally Vargas

There are certain desserts that are so easy to make and so stupendously rewarding that they should be at the very top of your list for special occasions.

Italian panna cotta is definitely one of them.

VIDEO! How to Make Panna Cotta

What Is Panna Cotta?

Let’s not beat around the bush: Italians have the corner on the market when it comes creating something amazing from only a few good ingredients. Panna cotta literally means “cooked cream,” and that’s about all it is!

This custard-like dessert is made with just cream, sugar, and gelatin – though I like to add sour cream and vanilla to mine for the extra flavor.

This panna cotta is like

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