One Simply Terrific Thing: Earlywood’s Tera Scraper

Kitchen ToolsOne Simply Terrific Thing

Who knew that a simple slab of wood would become a favorite cooking tool? Earlywood’s Tera scraper is the best non-metal utensil for nonstick pots and pans.


Photography Credit:
Irvin Lin

I cook with a lot of nonstick pots, pans, and well-seasoned cast iron skillets, and because of that I’ve accumulated a number of non-metal utensils to prevent scratching the surfaces.

The utensils I reach for most are often made of bamboo or wooden utensils, but when I was given an Earlywood Tera scraper a couple of years ago, it quickly became my new favorite cooking tool!

Why Earlywood’s Wooden Utensils Are the Best

All the Earlywood wooden utensils are beautiful to look at, and highly practical.

In fact, I use mine for everything! The Tera scraper ($18) tends to be the utensil I reach for most when I’m stir frying or sautéing.

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