5 Favorite Non-Alcoholic Wines | SimplyRecipes.com

As more people embrace sober curiosity and Dry January, non-alcoholic beverages are booming. You can now find plenty of mocktail recipes and bottled or canned non-alcoholic options that are more creative than just soda, juice, or seltzer.

Whether you don’t drink at all or are simply abstaining from alcohol for a bit, there are a number of fun sips to try, including non-alcoholic wine.

After tasting my way through a handful, here’s what I learned and the bottles I recommend.

What to Expect From Non-Alcoholic Wine

As someone who enjoys and appreciates the real deal, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from non-alcoholic wine.

I knew I probably wouldn’t find a bottle that tasted exactly like real wine, since the wine-making process is what gives grape juice its wine-like characteristics: tannins, nuanced aromas, distinctive flavors, all of which are mostly removed through dealcoholizing.

What I hoped to find, though,

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