The Best Non-Alcoholic Spirits for Building a Sober Bar

Until recently, the world of mocktails was a small (and appropriately maligned) one: you could have a club soda or tonic sparkler, a shrub to pucker the mouths of the vinegar-inclined, or try and fail at a recipe so complex you’d drink a case of LaCroix before you tried it again.

Oh how things change: in just a few years we’ve gone from sussed-up Shirley Temples to entire shelves of zero-alcohol spirits that are well worth having in any bar.

Even better? Research suggests that non-alcoholic drinks can trigger a similar release of dopamine for a complex, elevated experience (otherwise known as a buzz), with none of the drawbacks.

What Makes a Good Non-Alcoholic Liquor?

There are two standouts in this new world of NA or non-alcoholic drinks:

  • Base spirits you can build entire drinks around (much like their alcoholic models)
  • Sippable mixers compelling enough to stand on their
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