Non-Alcoholic Negroni (NAgroni) Recipe |

All the delight of a negroni cocktail, but without the alcohol! This non-alcoholic negroni relies on alcohol-free gin and vermouth to make a cocktail that’s just as bold and delicious as the original.

Photography Credit:
Sam Schick

The Negroni is the quintessential aperitif, an herbal, refreshingly bittersweet, summer-in-a-glass cocktail. This non-alcoholic version is nearly every bit as satisfying as the classic, and its balance of botanics, aromatics, and citrus is equal to the original.

How to Turn a Negroni into a NA-groni

How do you make up for the character and substance of a true London dry gin, the backbone of the classic negroni? Alcoholic drinks have a finish (or lingering after-taste) that is not easily replicated in non-alcoholic versions. A drinkable something is easy enough – and most of my attempts using light, ever-so-subtle infusions were just that – but if you want to feel you’re drinking an actual

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