Tasty Recipes for Busy Weeknights

This month, welcome Sara Bir. Sara Bir is the author of two cookbooks, Tasting Ohio and the IACP award-winning The Fruit Forager’s Companion. She also moderates and replies to your comments here on Simply Recipes. Follow her @sausagetarian.

When I have an idea of what I’m making for dinner ahead of time, I feel more centered. Usually, I jot ideas down the week before, sometimes taking inventory of foods we’ve had kicking around a while that need a final destination. (Pile of winter squash, I’m looking at you!)

And inevitably, the meal plan changes the week of execution. Our moods change and we switch up the order, or a meal gets bumped because of unforeseen events and I get a late start. But you know what? It’s okay. We cook the food eventually. We sit down to some form of dinner every night. That’s success in my book.

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