Instant Pot Cooking Times for Rice, Quinoa, and Other Grains

Wondering how long to cook rice, quinoa, farro, and a host of other grains in the Instant Pot? This temperature chart provides all the info you need!


Photography Credit:
Coco Morante

Are you a convert to cooking rice in your Instant Pot? If so, you should know that there’s a whole world of other grains you can pressure cook, too!

From amaranth to wheat berries, here are the cooking times and tips to know.

How to Cook Grains in the Instant Pot

Cooking all manner of grains in the Instant Pot is as easy as adding the grains and water to the pot, closing the lid, then selecting the time at high pressure based on the chart you’ll find at the end of this post.

Once the cooking program ends, let the grains rest for 10 minutes then release the pressure, open the pot, fluff with a fork, and

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