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Oven-Baked Buffalo Wings! Here’s an easier and less messy way to make Buffalo Wings. Marinate your wings in a spicy sauce, broil them briefly, then serve with a tangy blue cheese sauce.

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Elise Bauer

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Football (American) championship season. Sports bars, beer, and spicy things that make you want to drink more beer. Darts, pool, loud conversation — either an ill-spent or well-spent youth, depending on your perspective.

“Buffalo” Wings

Once in my early twenties, I happened to be in Buffalo, New York for a wedding of a dear friend. On our site-seeing day, the gang of us revelers happened to drive right by the Anchor Bar, home of the “Original Buffalo Chicken Wings.”

Did you know that Buffalo wings are so called because they were first invented in Buffalo, NY?

I didn’t, and it had always

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