How Korea’s Most Celebrated Rice Cake Grasp Makes Tteok

Chef Park Kyeong-Mi holds the honorable title of South Korea’s “Royal Delicacies Intangible Cultural Heritage Transferee,” which is one other approach of claiming: she’s actually actually good at making tteok.

Kyeong-Mi been making forms of the normal Korean rice cake in her store Dong Byung Sang Ryoun for over 20 years. “What’s humorous is, after I first began to make tteok, individuals have been unaware of this good meals tradition,” she says. “They didn’t eat it as a result of they didn’t find out about it.” Now, she makes all the things from royal stir-fried tteok to bouncy jeungpyeon to tteok sandwiches full of sliced meat.

First, we see her make garaetteok for tteokbokki. She grinds her rice all the way down to a powder and provides water, paying nice consideration to element as a result of this may decide the proper steadiness of sticky and easy texture. As soon

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