The Historical past of Tofu Is Something however Bland

Do you know that tofu was as soon as considered meals for ghosts? That’s one legend connected to its origins, no less than. Created in the course of the Han Dynasty some two thousand years in the past, the soybean product was thought-about a perfect meal for the dearly-departed as a result of it’s gentle and ghosts (clearly) don’t have robust jaws. And what if I instructed you that tofu’s maintain on America’s hippie tradition was because of a cult chief who thought he may telepathically talk with animals? On this week’s Gastropod, hosts Nicola Twilley and Cynthia Graber discover the historical past of tofu, which — regardless of Western assumptions about taste — is something however bland.

So how did tofu make the soar from northeastern China to the Western world within the first place? It’s largely because of Li Yuying, additionally identified by his honorary identify Li Shizeng,

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