Taco Bell Made a Nacho Crystal for Mercury in Retrograde

Take a deep breath to middle your self since you’re about to learn the phrases “Taco Bell’s Mercury RetroGrande Nachos with an opportunity to win a Spencer Pratt-approved nacho-shaped amethyst crystal full with a gold-colored cheese drip.”

This, like most fast-food restaurant promotions, is bigoted nonsense — like inventing a brand new meals vacation or the time period “fourth meal.” Taco Bell is correctly capitalizing on the elevated curiosity in astrology and metaphysical therapeutic by partnering with Pratt, recognized crystal fanatic, who as soon as stated, “I’m attempting to maintain it in my crystals…I do know they’re not working, that’s why there may be a whole lot on me proper now” in a now-iconic episode of The Hills.

However there’s a hook right here: Mercury is in retrograde via October 18, 2021. Astronomically, that simply means Mercury seems prefer it’s shifting backwards from Earth’s perspective. Astrologically, although, it’s shorthand

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