‘Vrimp’ Is Nestlé’s Cursed New Shrimp Substitute

Tuna is perhaps the hen of the ocean, but it surely’s protected to say vrimp is the vicken of the — Shit, sorry, I blacked out for a minute there. Let me attempt once more. You’ve clearly heard of shrimp, that small decapod crustacean that tastes uncannily like, you recognize, shrimp. However I wager you haven’t gotten your palms on, ahem, [triple checks notes] vrimp. Made by Nestlé, the mother and pop firm identified for making chocolate and likewise being accused of utilizing little one slave labor to supply mentioned chocolate, Backyard Connoisseur Vrimp isn’t solely an extremely cursed title for a meat various, but additionally provides to the corporate’s rising roster of non-meat merchandise. Due to course, Nestlé can be liable for the unforgivable offense that’s making a fish-replacement referred to as… Vuna.

It’s true that our oceans are being overfished to the purpose of killing whole ecosystems

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