How Korea’s Most Celebrated Rice Cake Grasp Makes Tteok

Chef Park Kyeong-Mi holds the honorable title of South Korea’s “Royal Delicacies Intangible Cultural Heritage Transferee,” which is one other approach of claiming: she’s actually actually good at making tteok.

Kyeong-Mi been making forms of the normal Korean rice cake in her store Dong Byung Sang Ryoun for over 20 years. “What’s humorous is, after I first began to make tteok, individuals have been unaware of this good meals tradition,” she says. “They didn’t eat it as a result of they didn’t find out about it.” Now, she makes all the things from royal stir-fried tteok to bouncy jeungpyeon to tteok sandwiches full of sliced meat.

First, we see her make garaetteok for tteokbokki. She grinds her rice all the way down to a powder and provides water, paying nice consideration to element as a result of this may decide the proper steadiness of sticky and easy texture. As soon as she has her dough, she runs it by means of a machine to make the thick noodle form that shall be minimize, boiled, and stir fried.

Subsequent, she makes jeungpyeon, starting with the same means of working it by means of the mill; to get the specified bouncy and chewy texture, she runs it by means of thrice to create a nice powder. She provides saeng makgeolli and sugar to the combination and lets it ferment for six hours. As soon as the dough is fermented and risen, it’s steamed, and used as semi-sweet truffles, and sliced like bread for sandwiches, too.

“There have been so many sorts prior to now, so taking that and shaping it to suit present traits, or refining the style, I assumed this was one thing I might do,” she explains. “I needed to do this very nicely.”

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